Wall Street Journal: A Different Kind of Solar Power Attracts Attention

Wall Street Journal
April 28, 2022

Hyperlight Energy was recently highlighted in the Wall Street Journal as a thought leader and innovator in the Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) category.

Although CSP has been around for a couple of decades, there’s been a renewed interest in the technology as companies such as Hyperlight innovate new applications and work to make it more powerful, cost effective, and scalable.

The article discusses Hyperlight’s pilot project, Tectonic Sun™ Alpha as a novel application of CSP with dual benefits for the oil industry and power grid. The zero-emission heat produced by the CSP plant will be used to replace fossil fuel derived natural gas at enhanced oil recovery sites, and that heat is effectively stored below the surface, where it can be tapped for clean electricity generation.

This application of CSP is the first of its kind and demonstrates the enormous potential of next-generation CSP technology for the energy transition.

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