Hyperlight Energy on the Energy Transitions Solutions Podcast with Joseph Batir

January 21, 2022

An in-depth conversation about Hyperlight Energy’s origin and goals

Hyperlight is excited to have had the opportunity to be on the Energy Transitions Solutions Podcast with Joe Batir. Joe has a clear and realistic viewpoint on how we transition to renewable energy while still keeping the lights on.

Fossil fuels are still widely used, but there’s a growing list of technologies and companies integrating with—and decarbonizing—fossil fuels in concert with the industry.

In the podcast, Joe Batir talks with John King, CEO of Hyperlight Energy about concentrated solar power and the new Hyperlight product, Hylux. They discuss the 10-year process of creating Hylux, how Hyperlight went from algal biofuels to concentrated solar power, and the role of subsidies in energy innovation and mainstream development.

You can listen to the podcast: Hear it on Apple or hear it on Spotify.