Hyperlight Energy Launches Tectonic Sun™ to Decarbonize Oil Wells, Leverage Them for Zero-Carbon Power Generation

February 24, 2022

Hyperlight launching first pilot plant in California to demonstrate its new application of concentrated solar paired with 6-month duration geothermal storage, establishing a new massive renewable energy resource

Hyperlight Energy, the developer of the world’s lowest-cost concentrated solar power (CSP) technology, today announced the launch of Tectonic Sun™, a technology for electricity generation that is being paired with its flagship solar thermal solution, Hylux™. Tectonic Sun is capable of providing emissions-free power with 80 percent capacity factor for use at any time of day or night throughout the year. The combination of Hylux and Tectonic Sun turns existing oil wells into clean energy generators, providing zero carbon electricity while reducing emissions during the extraction process at Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) sites. The application of CSP thermal energy for this dual benefit is an industry first. Hyperlight estimates the statewide potential storage capacity of its technology to exceed the output of all the natural gas power plants in California, combined.

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