Hyperlight Energy Featured on CNBC’s Advancements with Ted Danson

Advancement with Ted Danson
January 7, 2022

How Hyperlight’s flagship Hylux™ technology is helping to decarbonize emission heavy industries

Hyperlight Energy was recently featured on CNBC’s Advancements with Ted Danson as a company making great strides in the energy transition. 

Renewable energy resources come with variability. Fortunately, the advancement of energy storage has enabled an increase in the production of wind and solar energy, but there are still gaps. Industrial process heat needs fuel. If we’re going to meet our ambitious climate goals, we need to expand beyond the traditional forms of renewable energy. Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) has massive potential for energy-intensive industries. 

Although CSP has been tried before, it hasn’t achieved a market breakthrough until now, thanks to Hyperlight’s affordable and sustainable manufacturing process. In the segment, CEO John King explains how Hyperlight has reinvented Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) into a viable decarbonization technology with Hylux, the most cost-effective CSP platform to date.

Tune in to learn how Hyperlight is helping food producers reduce emissions in ways that weren’t before possible. For example, we’re enabling our customer Saputo Inc., one of the largest manufacturers of cheese and dairy products in the U.S., to reduce the CO2 intensity of its operations 20 percent by 2025. The segment also describes how Hylux is capable of decarbonizing oil wells in the Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) process.

Check out the segment here (Hyperlight feature starts at 19:36).