How Hyperlight Makes Solar Power Affordable

photo of Hylux / built with domestically produced, recyclable plastic tubes
December 13, 2021

Using affordable materials to keep manufacturing costs down is just one way Hylux™ breaks through the cost barrier in solar steam.

If you remember our blog on concentrated solar power, you know that CSP typically requires tons of steel, concrete, and large amounts of land to build a solar plant. By using recyclable, domestically produced plastic tubes instead of steel structures, we get the materials costs down by comparison, but that’s just the beginning of the cost reduction story, there’s a lot more to it.

The fact that the tubes are lightweight and easy to handle, means they can be sent to the site on a truck from a central factory, hand carried and clicked into place. Every other mega-scale CSP company actually builds an onsite factory to fabricate their metal mirror mega structures. Imagine if the solar photovoltaic (PV) industry had to build a solar panel factory at each site where they installed panels! No wonder there are a lot more solar PV installations than CSP projects deployed. All this is about to change, because Hylux offers the closest model to the PV industry yet devised for solar thermal. Central factory production, truck-delivery and hand installation onsite. We don’t just slash the equipment cost, we slash the installation cost too.

Case Study Link: Hylux In Action at Saputo, Inc.